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Story from the MyFoodStory website:

Artemesia Edit

ARTEMESIA ANNUA: A MEDICINAL PLANT GROWN FOR THE TREATMENT OF MALARIA FEVER. Artemesia annua has brought relief to poor Cameroonian rural women, men and children. Actwid Kongadzem rural N.G.O in Bamenda NWP Cameroon has been creating awareness in the growing processing and consumption of this medicinal tea. It can be noted that this special tea is grown by many villagers under the supervision of Actwid members. This is a simple herb tea which is just grown in small gardens individually and collectively and consumed by those attacked by malaria in measurable sized cups for four days only. A blood test to check malaria must be conducted before and after administering Artemesia for treatment for malaria fever as it has been proven that the North West province of Cameroon is a high risk zone for mosquitoes which cause this malaria. Many poor rural women, children youths and those living with HIV/AIDS in the villages are often down with malaria. Artemesia tea does a good job to boost the immune system of such groups of people.

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