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Fred Kayiwa March 16, 2007: yes ANDRIUS 3490 kampala uganda is my right box number and thanks for that effort. Am glad and i want to encourage all who have got need for computers that you should express that need, such just it might be helped out like for my case i realy need a computer home because whatever work that is needs a computer ,i have got to pay for the scretarial bereue and cyber cafes wich i find it expensive to me at this time. To be honest all my team members has no computer home so indeed ihave got much need for the computer be it laptop its fine. I talked with samuel and he is so couragoius just like mutua,andrius and janet he bought my ideear of organising agroup and we open up ICT workig organisation here in rural ares f UGANDA. Ihave posted a nother food story about millet and this i got it direct from the farmers you should check and read it i thnak my team though its new. I have got no pic because some guy who borrowed me a digital camera on the banana story was out of the country by now. 1.KeyConcept = always thinking of being helpfull person to the needy and we make abetter future and better world 1.InvestigatoryQuestion = how one can get success in life and get rid of problems that makes him have no god future both on earth and heaven 2.InvestigatoryQuestion2 = What should be the right procedures of spreading the gospel? Location = Kampala, Uganda Where do your live? What is your address? uganda east africa po box 3490 kampala uganda Do you have other contact information, such as a telephone? phone:256782371003 fax: 25641258182 What are examples where you are "working for free" to help others? idont work at the moment but am studying in the collage doing diplomma in accountacy will be finishing soon but i always want to voluntarily work What are your dreams, your goals to better yourself? How will that help others? my dream is to be asuccesful citizen who helps the nedy to be well finacially health wise and spiritually my goal is to achieve sucess in life with others have an enterprising culture as my motto is creativity is the way forward