Story from the MyFoodStory website:

Mohammad Daragme is a farmer from Salfeet, he is 69 years old, and he owns lot of land with olive trees in his village. He had faced many problems from Israeli soldiers. He has children and he depends on the production of the land to feed them.

I asked him if he grows other kinds of plants, he said “I have land near my house; I had grown lemon trees and many kinds of vegetables every year".

Then I asked him if he use chemicals on his trees and he told me "I use it because it increases the production".

And when I asked him does he care about the new ways of agriculture, he said “when I want any help or directions I will consult Salfeert's agriculture committee".

After that I asked him who is buying his crops? He answered me "my family consume a little of the crop then I sell the rest to the market".

And about if his family enjoys his work as a farmer, he said “yes my family helps me and they love the land as I do, it means for us the nationality and the home. These lands were my fathers in the past, so I will not leave it to the enemy. The land is my wife, my son, my life"

Finally I asked him If he want to add anything, he said: " I want to say it is not important to have a tree, the most important is how to take care of it".

Editor: Awne Abo Zant

From the MyFoodStory website, storyteller Mohammad Daragme

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