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In 1999, Osman Mohammed and 10 others introduced fish farming into their community in Mchengawede, southern Malawi. Since then, Osman has expanded his operation to five ponds. He is now recognized by everyone in his community a successful commercial fish farmer.

Osman and his peers started fish farming thanks to help from a USAID-sponsored project that introduces rural Malawians to new ways of generating income.

Osman’s five fish ponds are integrated into a plot with irrigated vegetables, fruit trees and sugarcane. He uses the drainage water from fish ponds to irrigate his crops. In addition to providing water for his crops, this method also enriches soil fertility. Surplus vegetables and corn husks are used to feed the fish.

Editor: USAID editor, Sasha Mrkailo

From the MyFoodStory website, storyteller OsmanMohammed

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