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I am 36 years old , I am black kenyan , short slightly 5.2ft and i am unemployed living from petty casual duties to others. I am married with a wife and five children who are living.

My father was a peasant farmer who never went to school and my mother also was illitrate and so we failed to know the good things in education. i grew up in an isolated island called Rusinga in the shores of lake victoria of western Kenya region , I joined primary shool in the year 1975 at Nymuga primary school a local school near our home , i completed my secondary studies in the 1985 and could not secure a job in various towns i went to , this scenerio made me to marry earlier but still ends does not meet to support the children and care very well for them in food, clothing, education and such like leisures. I have stayed out of school for sixteen years and decided to do computer studies, i have completed the basics and need to further on computer engineering where to master much about information technology. I need to find a well wisher to aid me in doing the desired course. Worthless; mean; despicable; as, a miserable fellow; a miserable dinner.

I am very happy to tell you people my hobbies. Iam a family man and i love my family. I love letter writing,swiming, watching football,making friends and exchanging visits.i love learning and inventing new things

I also like watching soccer and travelling

I love Nigerian films and Indian comedies, I don't love the war torn comedies

Hiv/aids is killing people here quite Often and Many are dying from the imorality they did before, may be four to five years ago, what can the world do to help the still living people. Many women are left vulnerable and total orphans are in the increase, cast a vote and help one OVC person here!!!!!!!