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I always try to connect my inner thoughts and believes to my outward real life. However that is not an easy task. Real life puts many barriers before you. So my life is reflecting this. I am trying to live as independent and honest as I can. That means for me to not engage in working in areas and firms without at least somewhat human environment. I have a big problem with authoritarian relationships which I am afraid are currently ruling economical life in mu country right now. So to counter this I am trying to develop a source of living where I can work for myself in order to set myself free from this unhealthy relationships. I believe authoritarian relationships are bad both for master and servants. Also in no way can an organization be successful in my opinion if not based on free agreement founded on mutual respect. This respects involves not just the workers in a firm but also respect for the wider community and for nature too. So in spirit of this talking I am trying to learn the noble art of beekeeping for a few years now, so to make my rightful living.