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Andrius & team,

I am still reading your mail.

Am seeing how & at what point I should start sharing my work.

I just like to give Overview -

Our work started in 1999 with a belief that -

If you have knowledge on food & nutrition then health automatically gets enhanced -

For this we had organized an exhibition on Food & Hygiene Oct,1999, where in 8000 children were individually examined to understand nutritional status - cutting across the section we saw sheer absence of knowledge on food & marked nutritional deficiencies in all strata of the representation.

Immediately after this on November 4th 1999 we were asked to provide health services for the super Cyclone of Orissa - here the magnitude of the damage was such that - people had to be rehabilitated by provision of food & shelter along with rehabilitative packages.

The question raised in the mind after above experience ,was if this is fact of life, where in, a otherwise elective situation where marked absence of understanding on food exists, coupled with obvious evidence of undernourishment along with micro nutrition deficiencies ,if it exists on one side - then other side of the coin we have situation of responding to demands of emergencies.

Since then we are constantly working towards enhancing knowledge on food & nutrition in the communities we represent.

This is our seventh year of contribution, I should say this -

We deteriorated much further, what it was since we started -

Now I see market is ruling the thought process, unfortunately food is understood as a commodity rather than a life saviour, enhancer, protector & promoter.

I see as long as food is understood as a commodity, we will see detoriation of several values we have imbibed though various sources.

Now as you already know us through the letter of Pam, we are going ahead protecting farmer to add value to his produce & see there is change in consumption pattern that would enhance overall health status thus life of the society, I represent.

Andrius & friends, so many learning situations & initiatives mark our journey.

So, guide me to share appropriately, to build healthier & happy nations & the world.

- surya prakash vinjamuri