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Yams in Uganda are grown in the swamp areas and they need water through their growth although too much water is affecting them by decaying the roots. However I was trying to relate the growing of yams in Uganda and other African countries and I found out that yam farming has number of funders here and that is what I expected just because it has got a number of uses in the rich countries like Japan.

If you go on asking farmers here who grow yams you all get the same answer: that yam is an interesting type of food to have in the community simply because it is consumed less, you only eat small pieces and you have stomach full. Generally yams are very interesting here in Uganda I recall when I was in kindergarten and primary school, my grandmother used to cook for me a piece of yam in the evening, then in the morning she could pack it for me in a container which I took to school for breakfast. But you have to got source of water or any drink nearby because it is hard type of food to eat it alone, and it needs any accompaniment like water or sauce.


Market is available for yams but the farmers are having limited land and they lack seeds.

Editor: Fred Kayiwa

From the MyFoodStory website, storyteller Fred Kayiwa

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